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  • Buy Instagram Likes FAQ

    Our clients' most frequent questions and answers related to buying Instagram likes

      • 1
        Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?
      • Yes since our delivery for likes use real alogrithms, just the way if they were coming from the organic users. We follow the platform's guidelines and use authentic behavior patterns. Moreover, if you are worried about security and privacy of your purchase, we guarantee zero-risk operations with no trace.

      • 2
        Will my likes drop with time?
      • On the Internet, it is common for many companies to advertise their services as super stable and non-drop, but this happens once and again. Instagram can remove your likes for their intricate policies, and the same for all the other products related to this platform. That is why we offer warranty protection for likes - don't worry, we will tackle the problem.

      • 3
        Can you add likes on a private profile?
      • The platform keeps private accounts off any activity from Instagrammers who don't have any connection with them. These conditions make us unable to touch the target post's statistics on a private profile and to grow likes on it. Please switch your account to public mode before your pay for instagram likes.

      • 4
        How many likes should I buy?
      • The number of views to likes is totally up to you. Consider your current requirements. If you are unsure about the package to choose, our support officers are always here to help you make the best decision.

      • 5
        What are the advantages of growing likes on Instagram?
      • Many likes speak about your popularity in the best way. If you'd like to impress someone on social media, there is no better way to do that than to bump up your ranking stats. But if you are aiming for natural growth, it would be wise to keep in mind that most of organic engagement that vitally matters on Instagram comes only from the live IG community.

      • 6
        How fast are Instagram likes?
      • You can buy insta likes with instant or natural delivery, the default setting is the fastest. Usually likes don't take more than a few minutes to deliver. Please refer to the Terms of service section for more information about the features of our services.

      • 7
        Can I buy real Instagram likes from your website?
      • You can buy real likes for Instagram from us if you are looking for real looking high-quality likes with natural delivery. In this context, we are the best place to buy Instagram likes.


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  • Jan, 27 2022

    10% price drop off!

    We announce 10% price drop on regular Instagram likes offers. Applied in the checkout!

  • Jan, 01 2022

    Website Redesigned

    Congrats! We redesigned our website so now it's easier to navigate. Buying likes, followers, or views for your Instagram will not take much time anymore! Try now!

Why buy Instagram likes form us?

A question of choice is now this simple
  • Experience and expertise

    We have a great expertise in what we do. It's almost 8 years of bringing the most desired services to the table of social media management. We know every problem and pain of our customers. We are aware of the latest changes and trends of the highly demanded social media. We offer transparent and true services without puffs of smoke and purple mist, just the core of it. We are here to provide, listen and explain. That makes us able to provide a complete experience on improving your presence on social media. A fair satisfaction guarantee on each of the offers from our listing.
  • Safety And Privacy

    We know how safety and privacy of buying Instagram followers and likes are important for our customers. This made us design our service to require no personal data to start an order. You don't need to provide us your password or any other codes. Morever, we handed payment processing to the highest security companies - PayPal, SafeCheck, Cardinity. We neiter obtain nor keep or store any piece of your payment data. Putting it all together, we now have an ultimately safe place to buy from, designed to bring the best experience.
  • Quality Service

    While the rest of providers promise impossible, we prefer to be open and honest to our customers. You should know you just can't buy real followers, likes and views of authentic quality. No company now can make real people to follow you and interact with your account and your content. Do not be fooled by cunning marketers which sell only by providing misleading advertising. Growth services provide bot likes and fake followers, the only difference is our quality. Our services can help you maintain solid and ongoing growth of engagement on your profiles. Each of the boosts we offer is tailored to meet the most recent trends on social media.
  • Friendly Support 24/7

    Delivering your orders safely in time is what we care of the most. Whether your request is about a minor encounter or a critical issue, our support officers are skilled and experienced enough to take over any problem. We always analyze and refine the performance. Using our disciplined processes we consistently achieve 95% and higher customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Passion

    We are truly committed in heart and mind to what we do. Our powers come from the talented team, passionate about opportunities to innovate and find amazing ways to solve complex challenges. LikeVegas offers solutions for clients that save money, increase efficiency and generate revenue. We have sat on the board of ambitious bloggers and brands and had a pivotal role in making them a success. Our passion about the job can assist on shaping promotion at a new level and not merely deliver the improvement challenge at hand.
  • Why buy from LikesVegas

    Did you even think about what exactly lays beyond Instagram likes and followers you buy from paid services? Despite other providers promising amazing results, the truth is it is nothing but rolling up your counters, just a visual improvement. A package of likes or followers you buy will not affect your ranking, it’s just numbers on your profile. The power paid boosts bring can turn to benefits only if being a part of a complex promotion strategy. All services of LikesVegas operate on the edge of safety and quality. We are truly the best place you can buy followers and likes at low price on one hand and to have the best of it on another.
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Customer Reviews

Find out what our clients say about their experience with us
        • 5.0
        • 2021-07-24
      • The right balance between the price and quality of Instagram likes. When they ask me about the best place to buy likes, I always show them LikesVegas.
        • By Client
        • With Reviews Form
        • 5.0
        • 2021-10-02
      • Best customer service I have ever seen. And I'm happy with likes here, they look real. Most of engagement come from profiles with English names. Perfect!
        • By Kali
        • With Reviews Form
        • 4.0
        • 2021-10-11
      • Followers are slower than likes. Fix this and I will buy more.
        • By Dennis
        • With Reviews Form
        • 5.0
        • 2021-11-18
      • Had my likes in just minutes, incredible.
        • By Diana
        • With Reviews Form
        • 5.0
        • 2022-01-05
      • The only thing to take care of is the delay on start, everything else about likes here is fine. Awesome
        • By Helen
        • With Reviews Form
        • 4.0
        • 2022-01-21
      • Why don't you guys provide automatic likes? It could be your last piece to being an excellent social media service. Let me know when you put it in your listing.
        • By Client
        • With Reviews Form
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