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    Feeling tired of efforts sculpting up a better profile? Get 75 Instagram likes to gravitate extra organic traffic to your content!
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Tired of the daily routine of working up your profile? Buy Instagram likes from the best place and go popular faster!

LikesVegas can make your life much easier!
  • Buy 75 IG likes in the way you prefer!

    Currently we're offering a list of payment options. You can buy 75 insta likes using your credit card via Google Pay, Apple Pay and Cardinity, or with PayPal, Stripe, Skrill. Crypto payments such as BitCoin, Etherium, DoggeCoin are going to be available soon.

  • Benefits of buying 75 likes

    Every influencer knows the essential importance of likes on Instagram. In fact, their number is the basic measure of popularity for both the platform and the Instagrammers. People are more likely to follow the popular profiles and to skip the nonames. This is where buying 75 Instagram likes can help. A boost like this can make your posts look more attractive to your audience and create a stable flow of organic engagment and following. You can read more facts about it below.

  • No password required

    True, as you will never have to provide us with a password or register here to use the best of our services.

  • How to buy 75 likes on Instagram and benefit from it

      Buying likes is a necessary part of living it up on Instagram. It gives the following benefits:
    • Likes are the best way to expose your popularity to any audience. They also work as social proof for any blogger, business, or brand. Companies can consider this indicator as a form of customer feedback for their products. And vice versa, the sales are usually better for the product with photos and videos revealing hundreds and thousands of hearts than the ones with only a dozen or two.
    • It is trending on IG that people put likes on posts which already has hearts on it and more likely to skip the unpopular. This fact was proven many times - even the british scientists worked on the tendency. A burst of growth on likes attract a portion of organic engagement in return and that goes on and on like a rolling snowball.
    • Doing it consistently helps to gain more organic followers and better up engagement. It sounds clearly like a shortcut to success on Instagram, doesn't it?
    • As you popularity grows, IG likes help to build a higher lead traffic for your website. Want to increase sales? Buy 75 real Instagram likes and leap over the competitors right to your goals.
  • 24/7 Support

    Not sure if the chosen package fits your needs? The improvement you purchased don't seem to appear on your post? Send us an assistance request. Our support team is always ready to track and fix any kind of issue and tell all the details about the services we provide! And, of course, in a friendly manner!

  • Automatic, Monthly, and Free Likes.

    There are no such public offers as 75 auto or monthly likes for Instagram. However, you can request a custom service by writing a message to our managers. We are always happy happy to box up something special for our customers if possible.

    As for the missing free trial option, we stopped providing it for a plenty of reasons. If you are visiting our website for the first time and would like to give it a try before ordering a tangible booster, we would advise to check our smallest and least expensive products.