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    • Below are the answers to the 2 most frequently asked questions.
    • The order is paid but there is no progress or visible effect.

      If things go regularly, it takes about 5-10 minutes to receive a payment and put an order to processing. In this case, the first likes and followers will start reaching you in no longer than 10-15 minutes. Sure, it may take some more time on peak hours when we receive too many orders and our servers go overloaded. This is how it goes if everything is ok and running.

      Unfortunatelly, when the platform gets updated with minor or major changes it may take more time to deliver because we need to fix up our software and hardware to meet new requirements. Such things always happen suddenly, it is impossible to be ready for something you don't know in advance. This is one of the reasons why we reserve 24h as a guaranteed delivery time. For more information about it, please visit the Terms Of Service section of this website.

      If you feel your order is stalling, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will do our best to make the improvement reach you as soon as possible! The average response time is 1-30 minutes.

    • Views, Comments and Automated services

      Our team is generally focused on providing quality likes and followers for Instagram in a straight way. However, we are always open to providing custom services. If you'd like us to provide an improvent you can't find on the list of the available options, please give us a message!
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