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Instagram Followers FAQ

Our clients' most frequent questions and answers related to buying Instagram followers

    • 1
      Is buying Instagram followers legit?
    • Sure thing, it is not a crime. However, the platform's administration doesn't appreciate users who tend to buy followers for Instagram, and, what's of more importance, it conflicts with the platform's terms of use. Nevertheless, even well-known influencers sometimes get caught in the middle while pushing their accounts with paid services. Just make sure you're not buying the cheapest Insta followers option from some no-name seller because adding real quality fans will never damage your account or let the algorithms ban your account for that.

    • 2
      What if my new followers drop?
    • On the Internet, you might see people say their new Instagram views, likes, or followers disappeared only hours after purchase, and the providing company stopped answering their support requests. Such issues are next to ordinary if you purchase low-quality bot followers from a deceitful seller.

      Unlike many hyped-out websites, our team conducts Instagram growth using only verified 100% safe methods that make our followers stable and don’t drop. Any instance of decrease will be reviewed and decided in line with our Terms of service in 0-6h. Usually, we take our client’s side and refill the lost part.

    • 3
      Can I buy Instagram followers for a private account?
    • Unfortunately, we can't increase fans on private pages. We require our clients to change their account's privacy settings and go public before they order followers from us.

    • 4
      How many followers are enough to start earning from Instagram?
    • The required number depends on how much you are willing to earn from online. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub's research, the so-called nano-influencers can get their first money at the milestone of the first 1000 real followers. The rest is just simple: the more insta eyes you can gravitate towards your page, the greater the earnings you can get from collaborations and advertising goods, brands, and other Instagrammers.

      Just make sure you don't dedicate your promotion to only buying Instagram likes and fans. Remember that most of engagement juice which builds your influencer's worth comes from communication with the organic audience who can become your real and active followers on Instagram.

    • 5
      What are the most obvious advantages of buying Instagram followers?
    • Setting aside the slogans and advertising of buying followers, their role as a purchased boost lies in making an impression on other Instagrammers since the fans you gain this way don't affect your engagement in any way.

      On Instagram, winning your first audience can become a daunting task because it is highly unlikely both for app's newcomers and veterans, to find a way to impress the community and conquer their hearts with something new. In 2024, Instagrammers are deadly sated with brilliant content of all kinds. Having 10K followers and more indicates this account has something valuable, how else could the creator make them stay?

      So if all your friends are already there and you keep looking for expanse, buying followers on Instagram can help you build a better image on social media, stand you out, and, finally, make the crowd notice you.

    • 6
      How fast can you deliver?
    • When you buy Instagram followers from us, the default option is instant delivery in the meaning of the effect is really fast to show up. But if you'd like your new friends to add slower like it was an organic growth, please contact our manager before making an order.

    • 7
      Can I buy real Instagram followers from your website?
    • The followers we provide come from the userbases of real people around the world. Users create one or two extra accounts on their phone to do simple task for a small fee, for example, they can put a heart under your photo or watch your reel. They become followers in the same manual way so yes, most of the Insta followers you can purcase from us are authentic.

    • 7
      Can I buy followers with credit card?
    • Yes, you can use your credit or debit Mastercard and Visa cards to purchase a follower upgrade from us.

How to buy Instagram followers cheap in a few clicks

Nothing can be easier than ordering from us. Your new followers are now only a few taps away!
  • 1
    Choose a package

    Decide on the number of Instagram followers you'd like to order and choose the package section related to that volume.

  • 2
    Enter the details

    Type in or paste the target Instagram username and confirm your order after you check the details. Proceed to check out, then transfer the required sum using one of the offered payment options.

  • 3
    Receive the boost

    Nothing more to do here - give it a little time to see an increase in followers. The improvement will start progressing after the transfer reaches our payment processor.

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    Our team of social media experts is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, providing helpful and timely assistance when you need it most. With our dedicated support, you can trust that we are here to help you every step of the way.

Customer Reviews

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        • 5.0
        • 2022-10-03
      • I gained 1000+ followers which look genuine and, through the time, they don't seem to unsubscribe quickly like if with other providers. The support staff were especially helpful making my experience even better.
        • By Clakr Ketn
        • With Review Form
        • 5.0
        • 2022-10-17
      • This is the best site to buy Instagram followers for cheap like a few dollars which is affordable for everyone. I will recommend LikesVegas to my friends.
        • By June
        • With Review Form
        • 5.0
        • 2022-11-09
      • I would recommend this service to anyone that needs to upscale their crowd on IG quickly and easily.
        • By Steff
        • With Instagram
        • 5.0
        • 2022-12-04
      • I used to spend hours trying to make people on Instagram visit and follow my page, but now all I do is tell LikesVegas what I need and they do that perfectly. They offer the ultimate set of boosters, a must-have tool for all bloggers, marketers, & entrepreneurs
        • By Kamala
        • With Instagram
        • 4.0
        • 2022-12-08
      • LikesVegas has been great working with my profile in all aspects. They're prompt, friendly and professional. I highly reccomend this company to anyone looking to improve their Instagram.
        • By Arjun
        • With Review Form
        • 5.0
        • 2023-01-10
      • LikesVegas is a great tool for digital artists! It is so easy to use that it is perfect for getting the buzz on your works. I never have to worry about running out of new followers. I love that all services here are so inexpensive and that I can order fans on all of my devices.
        • By Ji Min
        • With Email
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