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  • Private & Safe Operations

    Leave no trace and take no risk - that is what our clients demand from a good growth service. Indeed, our webshop allows you to buy buy 5 Instagram likes and never provide a password. You must neither register on this website nor have to accept the cookies policy because we don't use it.

    Customers can be sure that we do not collect pieces of personal information or hand them to a third party.

    The checkout part is 100% secure, driven by the most trusted payment processors and wallets like PayPal and Stripe. As for the Credit Card payment, we utilize the gates of Cardinity.com, Google Pay, and Apple Pay - the most widely used merchant solutions.

  • How To Buy Five Insta Likes And Take The Most Benefits From It

    At the very beginning, likes meant nothing but an appreciation measure. Your friends could give your post a like if the photo is good. Later, the system turned their count into a measure of how valuable the upload is to the audience. If the publication was bright and helpful enough to make people stay and interact with it, the platform could recommend it to other users.

    That is when the hunt for engagement started - the more hearts users received, the better was the chance for them to widen their content's reach exponentially and make it viral. That was the time when the competition started. Now you can see famous names, the big influencers in the recommended section.

    Today it is too expensive to create a 100% organic flow of engagement from the ground up. It will also take you a lot of time and effort. Even big bloggers and companies turn to buying engagement to boost their uploads on start, yes they do. If you'd like to improve the look of your posts, you can benefit from buying 5 Instagram likes it the described way.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    The ways we provide do not violate the platform conditions as being 100% legit. That is why our likes never drop, and also, they will never ban your profile.

    Our goal is to provide the best customer experience and create a community of loyal clients. The team is passionate about building up the best place to buy 5 likes on Instagram online.

  • How Instagram likes work

      Likes on your posts speak about how good is your content and how popular your account on Instagram is in the best way.
    • Millions of Insta users dream of starting an influencer's career. You can easily find successful influencers among the rest of the users - their posts get thousands of likes and the count of followers may be way higher than that.
    • The function of engagement is to measure how trending and appreciated are the posts and the account in general. Its signals help to understand if others share the spoken ideas and how good are the exposed shooting skills. For example, for the DIY or education niches, the number of hearts on a post show how helpful that content is.
    • Many enter Instagram only to shoot their day and share it with friends. In case you don't plan on turning IG into a source of income, there is no need to buy likes until you want to show yourself more popular than you are.
    • That is why it is still trending in 2024 to buy 5 likes on Instagram. Many strive to win their place in the sun, and Instagrammers never were an exception.
  • 24/7 Support

    Not sure if the chosen package fits your needs? The product you purchased don't seem to show up on your post? Don't hesitate to contact our support line. Although the issues are rare, our support team is ready to track and fix them 24/7. We are always here to tell you about the features of our offers in detail. And, of course, in a friendly manner!

  • Can I by 5 Auto Instagram Likes?

    You can buy 5 auto likes on each of your new posts by creating a custom service request using the Contact page. We are always open to boxing up something special!

    As for the free 5 likes, we do not provide free trials anymore, sorry. Free offers, undoubtedly, can attract many Instagram enthusiasts from around the world. But in fact, such services never turn out to be of high quality and never bring any good in the end.

How we work

Nothing is easier to do than these three easy steps! Try it now
  • Choose a package

    Pick one of the packages you find most suitable for your requirements. Any offer from our list can be used by companies, brands, bloggers, or individuals for their own growth purpose.

  • Provide us with your Instagram username

    The only thing required to start an order from us is your username on Instagram. Paste it on the input of the order form and press the Buy button.

  • Get your order paid

    Pick one or more posts to drive likes on and proceed to checkout. After your order is paid it would not take more than a few minutes to see the progress on your publication.

  • Buying 5 Instagram Likes FAQ

    Answers to the most frequently asked questions conserning buying 5 IG likes. All pros and cons in a nutshell.

      • 1
        Is it safe to buy 5 likes?
      • Yes, it is 100% safe and relatively cheap if you buy 5 real Instagram likes from LikesVegas. In any other case, we can't be sure.

        What makes us confident about our service is the reliable, relevant methods we use to bring realistic user engagement. Indeed, they look very similar to the organic ones, both for the users and the platform's backend, therefore reducing the risk of ban or penalty from the system to zero.

        The next thing about privacy here is we neither use cookies nor collect customers' private data, so there is no trace of your purchase -nobody will know that until you tell someone.

        As for the most vital security component, we utilize the most protected online payment processing solutions, so there is no chance of a data-leak. Previously, it was possible to buy 5 Instagram likes with PayPal and Stripe. Sadly, no longer. We welcome our clients to use Google Pay & Apple Pay, Visa & Mastercard Card Payments, Coin Payments, and the rest of the options from our list - they are all the same safe to use. The complete list of payment gates is available on the final step of checkout.

      • 2
        Can I get more than 5 real likes by setting up a set of hashtags on a post?
      • Hashtags can bring extra traffic from inside the platform for your post and therefore get you more real likes. If you are looking for a way to better up engagement and reach, adding hashtags can show a good result.

        However, like with every other promotive action, hashtags require you to research your niche and find the best-suiting set before using it. If you'd like to benefit from using hashtags and grow your number of real Instagram likes, it would be wise to explore and research your sector's leaders to form an assortment of the most trending and efficient hashtags of your own.

      • 3
        Will new likes drop with time or stick and stay pemanent?
      • We could advertise our Instagram likes as non-drop, permanent, real and active, etc, in the way most sellers do on the Internet. But our conscience cannot allow us to promise it this way. Let us explain.

        The hearts you get from paid services are never all real. They may look very realistic, the source users may appear authentic to you, but the sad truth is all providers farm accounts to provide likes, views, and follows for your posts. And, yes, they drop sometimes. You may call such likes organic or bot, permanent or lossy, but that is how it works.

        It is true that even real users put likes and take it back sometimes - we are not talking about Instagram can wipe it off for their reasons. Yes, your new likes may drop, but this issue is rather rare than ordinary.

        Moreover, we offer a free refill program for all kinds of drops on evey service from our list. So if you order 5 likes from us and they drop for some reason, we will cover the loss. Please refer to the Terms Of Service section to learn more about it.

      • 4
        Why should I turn my profile public before buying likes?
      • Like any other user, we cannot deliver likes on posts of private profiles.

        An active privacy setting makes it impossible for us to bring likes onto the target post. It will stop and cancel the order delivery if you turn your profile private while the delivery is in progress. Moreover, doing that cancels all our obligations on this order.

        If you'd like to buy 5 likes right now, please set your account public and don't change this setting before the delivery is complete until you have all the purchased likes appear on your Instagram.

      • 5
        How many likes should I buy?
      • You are free to buy any number of Instagram likes you like - there is no limitation.

        If you'd like your account to appear authentic to your audience, having the average count of likes on your posts correlate to your followers would work best. In this context, such starter packs as 5 Instagram likes work fine for small accounts.

      • 6
        What if my order for likes got stuck and not showing up?
      • Firstly, please check if the target profile is public and not private.

        Next, if you paid your order and there is no sign of progress for 30-60 minutes, don't hesitate to reach out to our support line. We will do our best to fix the issue and bring your likes asap!

      • 7
        How to benefit from buying Instagram likes?
      • Many likes on most of your posts tell that you have an audience that reads you regularly, suggesting there is something of value in the stuff you upload. A small number of likes indicates that the content is of poor quality or not relevant to the chosen niche while having many likes tells the account is live, healthy, and doing all the things right.

        Having more likes than an average Instagrammer gives you a better chance for further growth and becoming an influencer to start earning from Instagram.

        In case you'd like to impress someone, may it be your friend or colleague, having a highly-developed Instagram account can let you score some major points and grow on them. That is why many users turn to buying real Instagram likes.

      • 8
        How fast can you deliver likes?
      • Small orders such as 5 likes are instant, they take a few minutes to appear. A significant amount of time is dedicated to the processing of payment while the particular job takes only a little.

        Nevertheless, the process is never the same, and things may change. For example, the speed of delivery usually goes down during peak hours when our servers are overloaded. And that is typically true for all sizes of packs.

        Although we are confident about our capacities, we ask for 36h to deliver orders for Instagram likes in a possible force major case. Please visit the appropriate knowledge section of our website for more details on this question.

      • 9
        Should I put likes in return?
      • No, if you purchased 5 likes, there is nothing more for you to do. You don't have to interact with the users the hearts came from in any way. Now you got it and that's it.

        It is rumored that if you do something in response after you got a paid improvement, it will instantly turn out into a better retention and more likes for you on Instagram. Don’t take it serious.

      • 10
        How can I buy 5 likes from the USA, UK, or India?
      • There is no way to specifiy the GEO i.e. to buy UK Instagram likes or have them coming from the USA, India, Brazil or other countries directly from the website. Please send a message to our manager using the contact form to request a custom service.

      • 11
        Can I buy likes for $1?
      • Yes, you can buy 5 Instagram likes at $1 or less on likesvegas.com if you got a promo code or a discount deal offer. Our regular clients often receive promotional offers so it is profitable to become our returning client and buy from us regularly.