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How to buy Instagram views quickly

  • 1
    Choose a package

    Decide on the number of views you'd like us to add to your video post, reel or stories.

  • 2
    Enter the details

    Use your Instagram username on the ordering form and select one or more target posts from the grid. Proceed to check out and transfer the required sum using one of the offered payment options.

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    Check out

    Nothing more to do here - give it a little time to see an increase in views.

Instagram Views FAQ

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions related to buying Instagram views for videos, reels, and IGTV.

    • 1
      Is it legal to buy views?
    • Buying views is not against any law but it goes against contrary the platform's terms. Instagram would like you to follow all their terms and be a goody two shoes but ask yourself, in a case like that, how can you compete with the rest of the users who often would use any possible tool or booster for the sake of winning?

      In fact, it won't do good if you buy bot views for Instagram, the cheapest accounts with no history and fake delivery. At the same time, if you order high-quality views from a reputed, experienced provider which offers services at the market's average rates or higher, it won't hurt your content, account, or credit but give you the result you expect from this growth method.

    • 2
      Can I get views on my private profile?
    • The platform keeps private accounts off any activity from Instagrammers who don't have any connection with them. These conditions make us unable to touch the target post's statistics on a private profile and to grow views on it. Please switch your account to public mode before buying Instagram views from us.

    • 3
      How can I buy real views on Instagram?
    • The one and only known way to buy real and active views on Instagram which are authentic and safe to add is to get it from well-known sources with a history and positive background of an honest company. Moreover, we would not advise to go for most cheap price tags on the Internet but rather choose a golden middle between the expensive and low-priced offers.

    • 4
      Will my new views drop?
    • Drop issues come hand in hand with most social media growth providers regardless of the slogans written on their websites. The difference between the companies is some are always here to solve all possible problems while others hide their heads in the sand and prefer to leave the chat after the deal. So actually, yes, the purchased Instagram followers as well as views and Instagram likes, can drop, but we got a fix for that!

      Be sure that ordering from us means a 100% delivery or money-back guarantee and also a fair free refill program for the majority of drop issues. Please, refer to our Terms of service for more information about it.

    • 5
      How much does Instagram pay for views?
    • On the one hand, Instagram doesn't pay you for views directly but on another, they have a Reels Play Bonus Program which allows creators to earn from their reels on IG based on the number of views a video gets. Famous social influencers or bloggers with huge, million audiences are able to monetize their content and turn it into a great source of income. In 2022, Katy Parker exposed her Reels payouts as about $200 USD for only 20-30k views which is more than possible for almost any Instagram enthusiast to achieve.

      There is no general benchmark to calculate these earnings, and besides, bloggers report the numbers to vary from one name to another. Moreover, the program has strict rules a participator must obey, and finally, right now it is available to only US users.

    • 6
      How many views should I buy?
    • The number of views to buy is totally up to you. Consider your current requirements. If you are unsure about the package to choose, our support officers are always here to help you make the best decision.

    • 7
      How to get 10,000 views on Instagram?
    • You can gain 10k Insta views in only minutes if you buy this package from us, yet we know many are looking for tips for efficient organic promotion. There are plenty of methods you must follow if you would like to improve your authentic engagement on Instagram, but for us, it is more of a reason to write a particular how-to article. Now, let's name a few basic ideas many experts consider essential for getting the first 10k views on IG videos.

      • Research your niche to know the interests and pains of your target audience so you can easily hit the spot with your new videos and increase the share rate. Monitor the Insights sections to see what's working and what's not.
      • Complement your video posts with the right set of trending hashtags. Hashtags alone won't take you to get 10000 views, but they may pay off with extra traffic if fusing them with other actions of a growth strategy.
      • Follow and collaborate with popular creators from various fields. Remember that most organic engagement comes from the live Instagram community.
      • Use the ADs to promote the best posts to let more people have a chance to meet you and watch your videos, stories, and reels. Buy Instagram video views if you are critically low on engagement.
      • Get a unique account name for your profiles on all social media to form a catchy brand name. Link link all platforms together to get more views from different sources.
    • 8
      How fast are views to receive?
    • On Likes Vegas, You can buy views with instant or drip-feed natural delivery, the default setting is the fastest. Usually, views don't take us more than a few minutes to deliver.

      Normally, the delivery time does not exceed 30 minutes for the small and medium packages of views but may extend during peak hours or the update periods.

    • 9
      How to buy Instagram reels views?
    • You don't need to do anything special to buy views for reels on Instagram. Just follow the simple 3-steps ordering guide above to purchase both Instagram reels and video views. It won't cost you any extra - reels views are the same cheap as regular video views. And, moreover, you can pay with PayPal, Credit Card, or using any other method available in the list to date.

Going to buy Instagram story views?

With our help you can inject extra engagement and improve the look and rank of your Insta stories.
  • 100 Instagram story views

  • 250 Instagram story views

  • 500 Instagram story views

  • 1000 Instagram story views

  • 2500 Instagram story views

  • 5000 Instagram story views

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By ordering Instagram story views our clients gain powerful means of enhancing their online presence. With increased views, your stories appear more credible and attractive to future subscribers, potentially leading to higher engagement rates. If applied to trending, soulfully created content, Instagram story views can become a pledge of luck and success at taking your stories to viral.

This strategic approach also contributes to social proof, which indicates to other users that your content is worth exploring. As a result, more views on Stories can help stimulate organic growth by attracting more genuine engagement and followers over time. By throttling the visibility of your Insta stories through ordering views, you can build deeper connections with your target audience and cultivate a stronger brand identity.

The impact of increased story views extends beyond the numerical count, as it can boost your account's discoverability on the platform. As Instagram's algorithms take engagement metrics into consideration, more views on your stories can enhance your content's chances of being featured on the Explore page and recommended to new audiences.

Buy Instagram story views to make a valuable investment in elevating your social media marketing strategy and fostering long-term growth for your brand.

Instagram story views FAQ

Below is mostly everything you need to know about how you can buy and increase your story views on Instagram.

    • 1
      How Instagram story views work?
    • Buying IG story views from us applies the purchased package to all the active story frames of the target account at the moment. In other words, all your Insta stories will get the same number of views you ordered.

    • 2
      Is it safe to buy Instagram story views?
    • Yes, any purchase made from us is safe and story views are no exception. We direct manual engagement from real accounts so the system consider your new viewers organic.

    • 3
      How to buy Instagram story views?
    • You can buy Instagram story views from us easily as one two three using any device, no app required.

      There is nothing special about the process - you only have to tap on one of the packages in the appropriate section of this page and the system will intuitively guide you further. Follow the popping suggestions to the result - it won't take you more than a minute to create a new order and check out. Pay with Apple Pay, PayPal, Coin Payments or any other option available at the checkout.

    • 4
      How long do Instagram story views last?
    • A story on Instagram can last only 24h so number of views on it will not available to public any longer than that. However, you can check and see the list of the Instagrammers who have seen your story in 48h after you post it. Note that the number of story views usually differs from the usernames because one Instagrammer can get to watching your story more than once.

    • 5
      Why my Instagram story views are so low in 2024?
    • In many cases, low view on Instagram stories speak of unengaging dated content or chaotic narrative with poor timing or no strategy at all. Remember to keep your watcher engaged into one consistent story you speak step by step as you upload new clips.

      Although Instagram allows to have 100 stories per day, you should find your golden middle between consistently telling your story and posting too much and so quickly become annoying. Following this rule can help keep your story views high.

    • 6
      How many story views is good on Instagram?
    • Speaking of how many views on Instagram stories is good you should consider the platform's average. In 2024, ot is about 10% of the overall Insta subs you got. For example, 1000 story views is ok if your numer of fans is around 10k.

    • 7
      How to get 1k story views?
    • The easiest way would be to buy 1k Instagram story views cheap and safe from us. However, if you'd like to set up your Insta strategy for organic flow of engagement, we would advise to keep up with basics in the next answer.

    • 8
      How can I increase my story views on Instagram?
    • Our support experts can give a thousand of suggestions on how you can increase your Story views and other rankings on Instagram. Here are a few essential rules you should adhere to for a better growth.

      • Staying consistent is vital on Instagram - it impacts both posts and stories. Posting daily may appear pretty challenging because you will have to keep pace so you should follow a toughtful strategy and plan most of you posts beforehand.
      • The key to having more views on stories is sharing only trending and exclusive content. In fact, this type is exactly what your viewers are here for. Adding a useful touch to your stories can be your key to upscaline your average monthly story views.
      • Using stickers can help creating a burst of engagment on your stories which triggers Instagram's algorithm to rank your content higher.

Why choose LikesVegas to buy Instagram views

Today it is crucial for a business of any complexity to find a hearing company that understands its needs. At LikesVegas, we harness our years of expertise in digital marketing to help our clients achieve their personal or commercial goals and build better ranking on Instagram.
  • High quality meets cheap prices

    We work hard to keep a perfect balance between high quality and affordable prices so Instagram views from real accounts won't cost you an arm and a leg. With us, you can achieve impressive results without breaking the bank. Why wait? Give us a try today!
  • 100% delivery or moneyback guaranteed

    When buying Instagram views from us, rest assured that we take our part seriously. We understand the importance of providing our customers with the service they ordered when they expect it. In addition to our 100% delivery guarantee, we also offer a money-back program. If for any reason we fail to grow views on the target post, we will provide the client with a full refund.

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