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Buy 10 Instagram likes from real accounts

If you are up to buy 10 likes for Instagram, you are in the right place! Get ten insta likes to kickstart your blog or brand's reach and take it to new heights!
  • How growing likes can make you go popular

    Instagram's ranking system is based on a few metrics, such as likes, views, and comments users get from other people. The more likes you get, the better your content's reach. Sounds too easy but in fact it is not. Let's take a look at it from two points.

    The hearts Instagrammers put on the posts of others say they agree with the spoken idea and find the picture or video beautiful or useful. This is why IG ranks your photo or video as valuable content as soon as many users put their likes on it. So if you decide to buy 10 likes on Instagram, it can make the target post look more attractive to readers and help your profile grow trust.

    Also, it is hard to step out with your content from thousands of other users on Instagram because everyone strives to take a better place in the feed. The unpopular posts are more likely to be passed on, while the entries with many likes have a greater chance of winning the attention of Instagrammers.

  • 100% Positive Customer Experience

    We prioritize authenticity, integrity, and relatively cheap rates in the way we provide both small and large portions of likes for your Instagram account. Unlike many dealers who often rely on automated bot farms that violate Instagram's official policies, we only use legit methods to ensure stable and reliable likes that won't suddenly drop off. That means our customers can rest assured that their accounts won't be at risk of ban or suspension.

    LikesVegas is a team of professionals. We are dedicated to delivering fast and top-notch quality services that meet probably everyone's needs and expectations. Our services use a state-of-the-art backend system that keeps up with the latest IG requirements, allowing us to provide exceptional customer experiences at all times. Whether you're looking to buy the least-costly, inexpensive 10 Instagram likes or much more, all our packages can help grow accounts of any complexity in a safe and effective way. Try us out and see for yourself why so many people trust us as the best site for buying Instagram likes!

  • Secure Operating & Safe Delivery

    We know what privacy is for our clients. This is why our service is built to never ask for a password or other sensitive information. We do not use cookies in any way so you can be a hundred percent sure that you leave no trace.

    Our payment operators are the most popular and trusted processing companies such as PayPal, Stripe, and Cardinity including well-known mobile payment technologies such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Why you need to keep buying Instagram likes

      The number of likes is the universal measure of how popular you are on Instagram and other social media.
    • Many enter Instagram to express themselves, to show their best side to the world, to find and expose their unique style. Most of users hope to win oranic likes and followers with their content. But the competition now is too high so it doesn't work like this in most cases.
    • That is why Instagrammers turn to buying likes. They strive to increase their chance to be noticed among many others.
    • Users of Instagram are more likely to spot a post with many likes on it and pass on the unrated one.
    • Growing the number of real likes can expand your reach and organic engagement drastically.
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  • Looking to buy 10 likes with PayPal?

    Sadly, you can no longer buy 10 likes with PayPal or Stripe. It's been a couple of years since both payment giants decided to reject social media growth providers as accepted and legit sellers in their systems.

  • 24/7 Support

    Not sure if the chosen package fits your needs? The likes you purchased don't seem to show up on your post? Don't hesitate to create a support ticket. Our manager is always ready to track and fix order issues or tell you about our services in full detail! And, of course, in a friendly manner!

How we work

Nothing is easier to do than these three easy steps! Try it now
  • Follow to the ordering form of 10 Instagram likes

    Scroll this page above to the ordering form or pick the desired package on the homepage of our website.

  • Provide your Insta name and select the target posts

    No registration or password required! Put your Instagram account name into the field and press the buy button. Continue to selecting the target post you'd like to add 10 likes on.

  • Checkout!

    Checkout using one of the options from the list. Give us a few moments to receive the payment and process your order. Watch your photo or reel growing with 10 likes in minutes!