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Buy 15 Instagram likes from the industry's #1 provider !

If your name is not on Instagram, it does not exist. Buying likes can help build a better image for your company, blog, or brand!
  • Why likes are important on Instagram

    When your follower or viewer puts a like on your posts, the platform gets a signal that some content looks beautiful to that user or he considers this information interesting or useful. That also means that the user agrees with your opinion, enjoyed your video or photo.

    The more users appreciate your uploaded picture and text, the more popular it gets, the better chance for it to go far shared with other Instagrammers, or even reach the area of recommendations. In this concept, likes from LikesVegas can help you expand your reach and gain more following.

  • Secure Operating & Safe Delivery

    LikesVegas stands for the highest security for all customers. We never ask for passwords, neither use cookies nor collect information about clients. You don't need to provide us with sensitive information or private data to get the best of our services.

    The checkout step takes place on the side of banks, popular payment processors for Visa and MasterCard payments. You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or Stripe. Putting these features altogether allows us to call our likes 100% safe and secure to buy.

  • 100% Positive Customer Experience

    We don't use automated bot systems to provide likes but only the legit ways and not violating IG's official policies. This feature makes our work stable and prevents likes from drop issues. Unlike most providers in the market, we do not involve our clients in grey shady operations putting the ban risk to zero.

    Fast, top-notch service maintained by a team of professionals is what our clients want to see behind the selling brand. Indeed, that is what LikesVegas offers, running the trending up to the challenge backend system to bring outstanding customer experience every day, at any time.

  • Known benefits of buying insta likes

      The number of likes is the universal measure of how popular you are on Instagram and other social media.
    • Many enter Instagram to express themselves, show their best side to the world, find and expose their unique style. Most of users hope to win oranic likes and followers with their content. But the competition now is too high, so it doesn't work like this in most cases.
    • That is why Instagrammers turn to buying likes. They strive to increase their chance of getting noticed in the infinite line of other users.
    • Users of Instagram are more likely to spot a post with many likes on it and pass on the unrated one.
    • Growing the number of real likes can drastically expand your reach and organic engagement.
  • Unlisted offers

    We stopped providing trials or free likes. Instead, we welcome our customers to test our service by ordering the smallest and the cheapest package.

    Our website does not allow to buy auto likes or monthly Instagram likes by a direct purchase. Despite this we are open to providing custom services. Please message us if you need one! We will do our best to bring in a special offer.

  • 24/7 Support

    Not sure if the chosen package fits your needs? The likes you purchased don't seem to show up on your post? We are always here to help! Most cases get solved in minutes! And, of course, in a friendly manner.

How to buy 15 likes packages

Follow these simple steps to make likes reach you in no more than minutes!
  • Choose a package

    We have got a complete set of different packages for business, individuals, companies, and agencies!

  • Put your Instagram name into the ordering form

    We do not require you to register or provide us with a password. Just enter your username and follow to the checkout page.

  • Get your order paid

    Proceed to the payment processor and check out with your credit card or any other payment option from the list. Nothing more to do - relax and wait for the result!