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  • My credit card was charged, some time passed but there are no likes or followers.

    First of all, please don't panic.

    In a regular case, it takes about 5 minutes to receive a payment and 10 to 15 minutes to process an order. However it may take longer for various reasons mostly related to updates on the platform or network faults. It may be that your payment cannot reach us because of the conditions of your card issuer or our payment operator - in this case your order will not be processed and the payment will return in a while.

    If there is no visible progress in 30 minutes since the moment of purchase, please request your order status using the contact form on our website. Please note that we reserve 24h to deliver the paid orders.

  • How many followers should I buy to start a business on Instagram?

    Running different businesses is not the same. It depends on the niche of your choice and on what you are aiming for.

    Also, buying followers never works as a pill of success. Paid boosts should become a part of your complex promoting strategy. Doing it this way can give your business a better chance to succeed on social media.

    Many bloggers say getting 5000 followers on Instagram was their first line. We can agree with that - you will note the first changes with growing your profile to 5k followers.

  • Can I buy a trial offer or $1 package of likes or followers?

    You can't buy Instagram likes and followers $1 usd on our website and there are no trial or test offers - we are quite confident about the quality of the services we provide. We welcome you to buy the least expensive package to make up your own mind about our performance.

  • How to buy Instagram followers and likes cheapest?

    The cheapest things never bring any good no matter what that things are. That works the same for social media promotion.

    Low prices on followers and likes mean poor quality accounts, worse security, outmoded methods and algorithms, faulty software, etc. Would you like to save a couple of dollars by putting your profile at risk? Guess not.

  • What is the average support answer time?

    Our support team is based around the globe so in most cases it will take 10 minutes or less. However, we're asking for a few hours during the peak time load.

  • Are these followers and likes real?

    Depends on what you call real. There is no way we can make Ronaldo or Madonna follow you or put likes on your post. However we can pay people to use their secondary accounts they create for doing particular jobs on social media so they can put likes on target posts or follow other users.

    Are these likes real? Yes, they are, they come from accounts created by real users like me and you. That's how it works.

  • Do I have to register or hand my IG password to buy likes?

    Nothing like that! We never ask for password or any other kind of personal information. Our system require clients to put in their Instagram profile name so it can address the job on it.

  • How can I pay

    Initially, you can pay with your credit card, Google pay, Apple pay or turn to PayPal, Skrill, or Stripe.

    Please keep in mind that this list is not constant and may change due to updates on the payment systems.

  • Are the likes really instant?

    You can get likes and followers with instant delivery from many providers, at least their websites speak so. But if you get to look at it more precisely, it will appear that the delivery process does consist of a few steps and each of them takes time. After that, it would be fair to call our likes and followers relatively fast. Otherwise, it would turn to be an unadequate advertising promise.