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All you need to know about Instagram followers is...

Followers play a highly vital role in building presence on social media no matter what platform you choose. 5000 fans is the point where earnings from IG start being possible.
  • Why Instagrammers buy followers

    We live in a measured world, and our lives are all about numbers. Digits, dates, salary, percents, probability, popularity rates - we count everything. No wonder Instagrammers coming to check your new photo will first examine your profile statistics to understand where they got to.

    In this scenario, your number of followers is probably the most important metric on social media, which indicates how popular you and your brand or name are. Instagram makes it possible to be in touch with each of your followers by just uploading another publication. Every new photo, reel, or story you upload will always appear in their feed, and most of your fans will see and react to it. Social Media Followers is your super power, a personal channel you can use to talk, promote, convince, expose, and finally - influence.

    It is no big surprise that individuals and companies who'd like to put themselves in a better light resort to using websites such as likesvegas.com to buy Instagram followers. Indeed, online services provide a quick shortcut to leaping growth for nearly any ranking measure related to the best-known networks. Whether you'd like to impress your friends with your unexpected popularity or build better sales, buying followers can show a good result during a particular period.

    On another hand, many strive to make their Instagram a source of income. You can see for yourself the high life bloggers, streamers, and other new school celebs live. No need for a boring work, every day is like Sunday. This also makes many look for a chance to advance on their career on IG fast and far, and gaining followers is a part of it.

  • How many followers are enough to earn from Instagram

    Well, it depends on the chosen niche to grow in and the sums you'd like to earn. With 5000 real and active followers or about that, everything you can do here is selling shoutouts in stories and posts to local businesses and other Instagrammers. Having 5k fans will not bring you much but it would be enough for a start.

    The first sizeable contracts and sums usually come at reaching 15-20k subscribers. That applies only to your real and active followers, not fake bot followers who always remain idle, so you better keep your engagement high too. If you prefer buying Instagram followers in pursuit for advance or just like the process, you need to keep your eye on the right proportion and don't let it carry you too far away. Remember to have the number of likes and views on your posts meet the number of your fans.

    If you got 50k followers and more, well, you are lucky because an established and popular account allows its owner to convert the following into money in a snap.

  • Reasons to buy followers from us

    The key reason for buying IG followers from us is we guarantee your process is completely safe, the same for the payment and your account. Let's touch the details.

    Years of building up the best site in the niche turned out as high expertise you can request from a place to buy followers, instagram likes, and views for Instagram. We keep our finger on the pulse of the latest updates, changes, and trends of Instagram. Our algorithms comply with the latest platform's requirements and guidelines zeroing the probability of ban or penalties.

    Don't worry while ordering from us because we neither collect nor ask for any kind of personal information. Your presence here is 100% private and secure. Unlike many websites from the niche we do not sell user statistics to third party and your payments are conducted on the side of well-known processor companies. There is nothing to worry about while you are at likesvegas.com. You are on the firm ground.

    The last and sad thing is you cannot buy Instagram followers with PayPal or Stripe anymore. These companies decided to stop providing their services for this nich for their own reasons. We know how handy it was to order followers using PayPal but we can't do a thing about it. Hope to have these payment options back working fine soon.

  • How to rocket up growth from five thousands Instagram followers to the moon

    • Gain followers from other platforms. Firstly, give the same name to all the accounts you got online and link all your social networks with each other. This can help create a flow of traffic from other channels and result in growth of growth of engagement and following.
    • Explore your niche's leaders. Next, you should explore you niche and research the leaders. Pay attention to the time and the types of content they post, collect a pack of relevant and trending hashtags from their feed, get in touch with their audience - this is how you can bite off their experience and followers.
    • The fastest way to gain followers is to buy them. But that would be too easy if it was like that. As we said above, you cannot buy real and active followers for Instagram. The only way to grow organic audience is to spend time in research and action. But you can boost up your account from time to time to get a better look.
    • Go viral. If you know you got a chance to go viral with something in your niche, don't waste time, make no mistake and do that!
    • Step from shooting photos to videos. Advance on your video shooting and editing skills - videos are the most trending format of content while having only photos look too old-school and boring. Doing videos that impress signigicantly increases the chances of setting an avalance of new followers for your Instagram.
  • We are here to help on any question or issue

    Not sure if the chosen package fits your needs? The followers you ordered don't seem to appear for too long? Don't hesitate to conact our managers. We are always ready to fix an issue or to tell your about the services we provide. And, of course, in a friendly manner!

  • Free Trials & Auto Followers

    We stopped providing free trial offers as well as subscription packages such as auto followers or monthly plans. However, we can box up private custom services for loyal and returning clients.

    If our offer does not look convincing enough, please opt for the smallest packages and see the quality of our service.

  • Instagram Followers FAQ

    Explore this section to know answers to the most frequently asked questions.

      • 1
        Is it safe to buy followers?
      • Yes, it is safe both for your account and vital private information. The methods we use to grow followers meet the most recent platform's requirements and don't violate their terms of use. The engagement we bring is aligned to authentic behavior patterns.

        As for sensitive data, you can be sure your payments are 100% secure - we hand the checkout process to well-known banks and payment processors. Also, we do not use cookies the same as we don't collect any personal data. You leave no trace while buying here.

      • 2
        Do hashtags help to get more followers?
      • Adding hashtags is a great solution for better navigation. While inproper hashtags won't get you far, adding too many on a post would make it look boring even if the selection is right. It is all about finding the golden middle just as always.

        A result needs a research first. Look into your sector's stories of success on Instagram and find out what they do about hashtags on their accounts. Trending hashtags are able to drive more eyes from new sources to your publications. All you have to do to make them want to stay and that's how you can get more Instgram followers by using hashtags.

      • 3
        Will my new followers stay with me forever or drop with time?
      • Most providers promise the followers you buy from them don't drop and guarantee they will stay permanent. However, it is not the same with how that really goes. No company can guarantee that your new followers will stick and don't leave. Even if you would pay some blogger with a developed account to promote your page and drive his audience to it, he will give no warranty that the new audience you gain through his efforts will stick.

        We provide an extended warranty on followers you buy from us will stay and won't drop. Please see the Terms of Service section for more information about it.

      • 4
        Why do I have to turn my profile public before buying followers?
      • May it be Instagram followers or likes, we require our clients to switch their profile to the public mode before buying an improvement. The root of the problem has a backend complexity which is the reason why we cannot interface the private pages from the outside.

      • 5
        How many followers should I buy?
      • That depends. Two things matter here: how big is your initial following, and what is it you are after? But in any case, the choice of a package to purchase is totally up to you. If you are not sure about the exact package you need, we would advise to buy a starter, an amount lesser than 5000 Instagram followers. It would let you have a look at our performance and quality. In any other case, please, contact one of our managers for assistance in choosing a pack.

      • 6
        What is your refund policy?
      • In short, we refund payments if we fail to deliver in time. If you had a previous bad experience with sellers and don't trust IG growth providers anymore, please choose the least and the cheapest package from our list to get aqcuainted with what we do.

        Please follow to Terms and Conditions section for more details on our Refund Policy.

      • 7
        Is buying Instagram followers beneficial in some way?
      • Having many followers makes your account more attractive to your new audience. If you aim for a successful living or earning from the platform, one thing to take care of is buying fans doesn't make you only stay inside of it. Paid services can be beneficial only when they are used as a part of a complex promotion. Remember that you gain most of organic audience and engagement when you interact with the community on Instagram.

      • 8
        How fast can you deliver?
      • Small orders such as 5000 Instagram followers usually take minutes to complete while it is hours for the biggest packages.

        The speed of delivery is rather fast but in fact it may go slower on the peak hours when the orders are too many or if the platform is recently updated. Although we are confident about our performance, we ask 36h to deliver our orders in a possible force major case. Please visit the appropriate knowledge section of our website for more details on this question.

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