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Why buy Instagram followers?

Despite the most common narrative that buying Instagram followers may turn out toxic, many still turn to paid services starving for extra growth on their audience. Let's get to know why offers of engagement sellers remain actual in 2024.
  • How important is the role of followers on Instagram

    It would be impossible to find out who is who on Instagram if there were no counts for followers, likes, views, and comments for each account. Imagine this situation and see for yourself: how would you tell the difference between the popular and the undemanded? That is why there is no doubt about the crucial importance of followers. The IG's ranking system relies on engagement and following completely.

    In 2022 you can find numerous blogs that speak about ideas of earning on Instagram just by querying the subject on Google. It has become a dream and obsession for many - no wonder the competition is going harder. Gradually it has poured out into a crazy race for growing fans. The winner takes it all - we mean all the profitable contracts and high salaries. The broader the active audience is, the better is the deal.

    Followers are extremely important for all types of Instagrammers, the same for travel or lifestyle bloggers, small business, artists, models, sportsmen, and all the others. You can't make your fist impression twice while the number of followers on Instagram speaks about how popular and successful you are in the best way.

  • How to buy followers and benefit from it

    Let's be honest about all paid services in the market: you never get real and active Instagram followers by buying it from some website, never mind the promises. Providers may advertise it as a 100% authentic non-drop delivery, but this can't be true. There is no way to grow organic audience through a provider of followers if you consider your source the best site to buy fans. All sellers bring just a visual improvement of a kind - it is only numbers on your counters which you can take to impress your friends and readers.

    Experienced and established insta-bloggers come to buy 3000 Instagram followers to have a better chance for guest readers to follow them because pages with small followers don't look attractive and popular enough for many to subscribe. Even famous Instagram influencers describe their career on Instagram as countless cycles of ups and downs. In this context, buying followers help them to relieve the negative effect of loss in a moment.

    The main idea to understand at first is that only real followers matter if you would like to benefit from Instagram. Many authentic fans bring higher engagement. A crowd of loyal followers brings in better reach for your posts and makes it possible to influence a community of other Instagrammers. The number of followers is the thing that sets the worth and value of a blogger. A metric to consider for all companies and brands coming up to sign a contract with you.

    Well, the last thing to mention here is that 3000 active followers are enough to start selling first shoutouts and ads for local companies. That is enought for a good start, it would be wise to take your next steps safely.

  • Why buy from LikesVegas

    LikesVegas is a brand which unites people from many projects related to social media growth. Let's give word from our customers and clients who have been ordering from us for years. Visit the testimonials section of our website and see for yourself why many call us the best place to buy 3000 Instagram followers.

    In a nutshell, the brand of LikesVegas hides a highly experienced team behind the word. Years of working in the niche made it possible to organize and maintain a secure and safe social media growth service which meets the highest standards of privacy for clients. Just imagine that our website is SSL-secured, we neither log your visits, nor use cookies, we never store your private data, and all the payment operations are conducted by the biggest processor companies. Doesn't it sound great?

    Moreover, our system takes advantage of the most efficient delivery algorithms that comply with the latest platform's requirements putting the risk to zero.

    Here you can expect a highly-professional, friendly support line through email available 24/7 and a fair refill policy for all the services we provide.

    Unfortunately, you cannot buy 3000 Instagram followers with PayPal or Stripe anymore. These payment processors are no longer open for social media providers. We welcome our customer to use Google Pay, Apple Pay, direct payments through most popular billing operators using Visa & MasterCard, coin payments, and others. See the complete list of options on the Checkout page.

  • Gain 3000 real and active Instagram followers faster than competitors.

      Use this checklist to see if you can win your first 3000 authentic fans faster than before.
    • At first, choose a niche and a story your account will tell. Skip this point if you are a famous celebrity, a well-known recognizable person. Otherwise it would be wise to determine the general line of development on Instagram and stick with it.
    • All your accounts on different social media should have the same name. That is how you can make it easy for your future followers to find your profiles and content. Linking all of them between each other, in most cases, result in better traffic and reach.
    • Consider buying followers and likes on the first steps. Getting your first 3000 is the most complicated part of progressing on Instagram, so why not boosting it a little to have a better impression on others?
    • Hashtags are still powerful in 2024. Using the hashtags that trend over your niche builds up a navigation route many can use to find your uploads among millions of uploads on Instagram. No need to say that building up higher traffic results in growth in every field.
    • Rememeber to be active on the publications of others. Research your niche to find the leaders and try to reach to their audience. Most Instagrammers are friendly and curious - they are likely to visit your account and follow you if they find your posts impressive or useful.
  • We are here to help on any question or issue

    Not sure if the chosen package fits your needs? The followers you ordered don't seem to appear for too long? Don't hesitate to conact our managers. We are always ready to fix an issue or to tell your about the services we provide. And, of course, in a friendly manner!

  • Free Trials & Auto Followers

    We can't say there is a known way to get 3000 free followers rather than working on your presence and content on social media. One or a few of your reels may go viral if you're lucky so the gain may turn out way more than 3k fans and you wake up famous overnight. That is more than possible so don't give up and keep active!

    As for the previously advertised offers of 3000 auto followers and monthly packages, these types are no longer available as public offers. You can request a custom service from our manager.

Buying 3k Instagram Followers FAQ

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about buying 3000 followers for Instagram.

    • 1
      Is buying 3000 insta followers safe?
    • If you are here to buy even a package as large as 3,000 followers for Instagram, don't worry. We carefully monitor even the tiny changes in the system. Our growth methods meet the latest requirements of the platform's algorithms so there is no risk of loss, suspension or penalty to your account.

      Your private data is also safe because we do not require our clients to provide any of type to order from us. As for the secrutiry and privacy protocols, all the required measures are taken to ensure your stay here is 100% safe and private.

      Your payment data is not subject to collect and store for our company - our clients checkout on the side of banks and trusted online payment processors.

      Rest assured that any action you take on LikesVegas.com is protected and confidential

    • 2
      Can adding hashtags increase my followers in 2024?
    • In 2024, we would not recommend consider such feature as hashtags a game changing instrument able to help you bring three thousands new eyes to your content in hours.

      Even though using hashtags now is not so fruiting as it was at the moment when they firstly appeared on Instagram, they can help new visitors navigate to your posts. And then, if they find the story you tell interesting or useful, to stay as your new followers..

    • 3
      What if my followers drop?
    • We believe you saw dozens of websites promise their followers will never drop and stick forever. However it has nothing in common with what happens in real life when you buy a pack or two. The most pronouced effect is usually noticed for large boosts such as 3000 IG followers and over. Sadly, ordered followers come and go, just like real persons in your life.

      Please let us know if you lost a potion of fans you purchased from us. We will be happy to refill the missing ones along with the rules of our refill policy. Please check the Terms of Service section to learn more about it.

    • 4
      Why do I have to turn my profile public before buying followers?
    • We can't request the data needed to complete orders from the private accounts. Please set your account public before startin an order from us and keep the settings until we provide the purchased improvement completely.

    • 5
      Is it enough to buy 3000 followers to start earning from Instagram?
    • If you consider Instagram a place to establish your earnings from online, we would rather recommend to focus on genuine organic growth than expecting an immediate payoff from a paid boost. Even if you instantly get 3000 active followers, it won't turn you into a successful influencer right here and right now. This especially includes beginner accounts because they will still lack engagement.

      Studies say that microinfluencers even with only 3000 followers can make money on Instagram in the chosen niches. Still, it would be a great idea to grow real and active organic audience rather than only use boosters if you'd like to establish a cashflow from social media.

    • 6
      What is your refund policy?
    • In short, we refund payments if we fail to deliver in time. If you had a previous bad experience with sellers and don't trust IG growth providers anymore, please choose the cheapest package from our list to get aqcuainted with what we do.

    • 8
      How quickly can I gain 3000 followers on Instagram?
    • The package of 3000 Instagram followers is close to call it one of the largest we provide. In a regular case, it would mot take us hours to increase your audience by this number but a few minutes.

      But if you'd like us to do it slowly instead, please contact our manager and request a drip-feed organic delivery for your order before you checkout.

How we work

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  • Paste your IG username

    Use your Instagram username to complete the order form and proceed to the next step.

  • Transfer the payment

    Check the order details and checkout. From here your improvement will start showing up shortly!

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